My name is Spencer Waterman, the owner and operator of Greenworld Renovations. My team of local professionals and I will provide full-service support for all of your project needs: carpentry, plumbing, electrical, tiling, plastering, painting, and more. Everything from design to installation -  No project is too big or too small! 

I have 30 years experience in the renovations industry, six of which have been here in Vienna. Greenworld Renovations is a family run business. 

As Vienna's most trusted English-speaking professional builder, I am known as a highly skilled and experienced worker with a  long reputation for reliability and efficiency.

To find out more, please contact me so that I can help you to achieve your dreams!

Spencer Waterman
Phone: 0676 335 1473
FB Page: Greenworld Renovations 
References available on request.

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